Low and Slow

I think maybe the culinary world already figured it out. So many of the best recipes take hours and hours to complete. Beef bourguignon stews for hours. Award winning BBQ smokes and grills for almost an entire day. Low and Slow: to cook at low temperatures over long periods of time. I have this cookbook […]

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Salvation is Not the End

The whole point of getting a business off the ground was to prove to people that this “model” works, that you can trust God, you can live a bold, courageous, exciting, adventurous life of passion and love towards others, doing your good works with great faith. What I have found, and suspect y’all will too […]

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Love as The Big Bang

I just had this thought only minutes ago. While I spoke to my wife and a child that we, God willing, we would one day have, I felt such a swell of love in me. I had to stop the thought, because just the mere thought of this child, which doesn’t even exist yet, brewed […]

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There’s only One Church

We are a Church. We are a Church without walls. We are a Church with no limits, no boundaries. We are a Church for the un-churched. We do things a little differently, not to say we’re better, not to say we’re more right. We do so because we felt led by God to do so. […]

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From years of study and my own personal journey I have come to the conclusion that it really all comes down to just three primary things: 1. Seek Him – forego the opinions of the world, put the opinions and advice from family and friends and even trusted leaders and mentors in second place, and […]

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