I went to Harvard. “Hahvuhd” I say to myself. Someone asking me where I’m going and upon saying Harvard I immediately and without intention feel a sense of pride; self-worth, as if this person believed that I was a student there. Why did I feel this?

I wanted admittance into the Widener Library, but alas, entrance is permitted only to students and faculty. I went to the Peabody Museum of Archeology and the Natural History Museum there connected. Upon every Mayan artifact I looked at, the glyphs before me, the stories, something stirred within. In cases were a myriad of collected beetles of varying sizes and colors. There are over 135,000 different kinds of beetles. There are over 600 kinds of hummingbirds. I saw a skeleton of a whale.

I returned to Boston and walked around the city for awhile deciding what I wanted to do. I returned to the hotel and stayed for another night, watching documentaries until I fell asleep.

From birth there has been something like a pilot light burning inside me. I believe this is the case for all of us. Perhaps the fire is of passion; things you are passionate about. Being on the Harvard Campus stoked that fire. A desire to learn now exists as a craving. No longer a simple want or a should, but rather a must and almost a need, a necessity. As if without it I would be incomplete. There are things you experience in life, events, encounters, things of such nature that once you have had said thing in your life you feel as if you can no longer return to what was before, at least not with satisfaction. Like enjoying a meal created by a Chef, something you’ve had countless times, a simple dish, say a hamburger, but upon your first bite your chewing pauses, your eyes widen, and maybe you swallow and maybe you don’t before you can moan the words “oh my God.” You never knew a hamburger could taste like that. You never knew a bath towel could feel that soft. You never knew music could sound like that. You never knew love could feel like that. You never knew life could be like that. To go back to what was before… why?

Something is happening.


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