“What do you want on your Tombstone?”

Upon preparing for my departure to Europe it occurred to me that it would be wise to prepare for the worst. So I made a very simple will. I thought about what I would say to those I loved if I knew it would be my final words. It was definitely a learning experience and anything that forces you to accept your own death I recommend. You will always understand something new. As I’ve said before death clarifies things and your own death should be the ultimate clarification.

Death died a long time ago. Death is merely means of transportation. Do not deny your pain or suffering, embrace it and let it run its course. Avoiding this will only harbor the pain and invite it into your own physiology and therefore begin to destroy yourself. Accept the truth always. Everything that is brought into the light is made visible. He is the Truth, the Light, and The Way. Let go of everything you can not control and understand that outside of your own thoughts, mind and body, you can not control anything. Money is merely paper and metal which society has come to the agreement that it will be used to exchange goods, services, and resources. God provides all these things. He has always done so, before money was ever created. The creation of money was the beginning of men believing that by their own means they provided for themselves, which is false. God provides for us. Believing this simple truth will set you free as you would understand that work is not meant for income, but for serving others. Letting money decide your choices makes money your Master and you can not serve two masters. You will either love the one and hate the other. You can not serve both God and money. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be love in returned.” This should be your currency; your actions done in love and spend generously. In the end this will be the only thing you wish you had done more; will be to have loved or done actions done in such. The Church was not meant to be a building, a business, or an organization. The Church is a collection of believers that has no dimensions, no boundaries, no race, no dress code, no limitations other than that all actions should be done so in love and with the approval of the Father in mind. We are connected to the Father and Him to us, and us to everything else, existing in Him and Him in us and everything. If these are my final words to you then know that I have lived my last days believing these things and to the utmost of my ability acted so out of love for God, my neighbor, who is everyone, and myself. I love you.

I hope they’re not my last.


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