Chapter 4: Death is but a ladder rung

The small boy was very sad the next couple days and didn’t try to climb the tree. He spent most of his time sitting on the edge of the cliff where he had heard the voice and stared out towards the ocean. He felt very lonely and longed to hear the voice, but heard nothing. He didn’t realize he had fallen asleep on the hill until the sunrise woke him up on the third day. He watched it slowly rise. It was beautiful and it made him smile. It was the fist time he had smiled for days.
“This is just what I needed.” He said to himself as he felt encouraged and walked back towards the tallest tree. Just as he was getting to it he could see the sunshine begin to break through the treetops and it slowly made its way across the forest floor until it reached the fallen tree and to the small boys great surprise he watched as the white flowers on the vine opened up in full bloom. It wasn’t dead! It was alive!
He smiled and shouted for joy and as it got brighter he noticed that the prettiest tree had fallen in such a way that it leaned up against the tallest tree. The small boy got an idea. He climbed onto the fallen tree and crawled very carefully up one of its branches which was just long enough to reach a branch on the tallest tree. The boy climbed over and sat there looking down and smiling at how high up he was. He didn’t stay for long though and continued his climb upward. He had climbed so high he could feel the tree swaying in the wind and sometimes he would have to stop and hold on tightly. Once it slowed down he took a deep breath for courage and kept climbing. He felt like he had been climbing forever, but finally he could see the top. A few more branches up and he was higher than any other tree on the island. He could see everything, the whole island.
“This is the highest I have ever been.” He said. Moving his hands and feet from branch to branch he turned around in a circle. From his perch he could see the beaches, waterfalls, the hilltop he heard the voice from and something else, something not on the island, far out in the waters something caught his attention. “What in the world is that?”


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