Chapter 8: Onwards to the Light

For most of the morning the small boy prepared for his journey, collecting food and water, making sure there were no splinters in his seat, and wrapping together a collection of acorns to remind him where everything had started. It already seemed like it had been so long since he first heard the Voice, when it had only been seven days ago.
Before leaving he hiked to the cliff where he had stood and heard the Voice for the first time. He was very surprised to see by his feet that the acorn had already sprouted. It was very small, like him, but it was there, just barely breaking through the ground, seeing the light for the first time. From his height he could see the tide beginning to change and now would be the best time to leave.
“I don’t really know what I’m doing.” Said the small boy. “But I guess that’s happened to me before and I’m kinda scared, but I guess that’s happened before too.” He turned around and looked at the island he’d been on for as long as he could remember. He knew everything about it and he felt safe there, but now he knew there was something else, something more, something bigger out there and he had to know what it was. Something brighter than anything he had ever seen before, something even brighter than the sun for he had seen it flicker in the middle of the day, was out there. “I hope I don’t get lost and I hope you’ll guide me to that light.” And with that he patted the small sprouting acorn and wished it luck and turned to head to his log, but stopped suddenly and turned around looking out to the sky. “Oh, I forgot to say thank you… for…” he wasn’t really sure what he was thankful for and he thought about it for a moment. “…thanks for speaking.”
He stood in the shallow waves and stared out over the waters for a moment before taking a deep breath and walking forward, pushing the log alongside. When the water got to his waste he jumped up into his seat and started to paddle forward with his hands. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was getting nowhere fast. “I need bigger hands” he thought and with that he turned around and paddled back to shore. As soon as he had jumped out onto the beach he heard something tell him to just stay and give up for today. He had worked hard already, to just figure it out tomorrow. It didn’t seem like the same voice from the cliff. It was like when he was at the top of the waterfall when something had told him to give up and not to jump. He didn’t like the way this voice felt, something in it made him feel smaller, and while that voice kept telling him to stay he suddenly got an idea.
“Be quiet!” He said to it and marched up the shore looking for something. “I saw it here earlier… somewhere. Ah hah! There it is.” He ran over and picked up a piece of driftwood that had come ashore. It had kind of a funny shape to it, one side was much wider than the other. He ran back to the log and jumped in with it and holding onto one end put the other end in the water and used it like he did his hands and paddled forward. He moved much quicker and the small boy smiled a big smile. He had never felt more alive in his whole life.


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