Gospels: Luke, I am Your Father

Everyone had taken their seats except John who continued to serve everyone the spaghetti he had prepared. You sat in silence, contemplative at all that was happening. There was so much to understand. How could you grab hold of all of this? What seemed to effect you the most wasn’t so much the information they were giving you, for you really didn’t know if it was the truth or not, it was what was going on inside of you during all of it. It’s like what you had thought earlier, you weren’t just hearing the words, it was almost as if you were feeling the words, at sometimes wondering if the very words themselves were coming from inside of you. Somebody said something.

“Hello…are you there?” Matthew, the newest addition, said lightly waving a hand in front of you. You caught his eyes and offered a look of apology. “Alright, I’m gonna try to sum this up very quickly. Ready?” You nod. “Okay. So if you go far enough back into the families of the Kingdom you come to a man named Abraham. The top three major religions in the world trace back to him. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Well Abraham had a son in his very old age and his name was Isaac and Isaac had a son and named him Jacob. Jacob had Judah, then to Perez to Hezron to Ram to Amminiadab to Nahshon to Salmon to Boaz to Obed to Jesse to King David.”

“And here’s where our lines split.” Luke interrupts. “Matt here is very concerned with the law.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Matthew responds, pointing a fork with a piece of meatball on it towards his friend. “I’m simply pointing out the validity of the bloodline and the legal succession of royalty. Anyway, I can continue down the list if you’d like, there’s twenty-eight more.”

“That’s okay.” You reply. You’re not really sure what the point of this is anyway.

“From King David, who was our first king, our lines differ because we’re tracking back two different things. The point of this though is our King. His bloodline goes all the way back to the first King, therefore making him legal successor to the throne. His bloodline goes all the way back to Abraham, whose goes back to the very first man!” Matthew exclaims, his mouth full of food.

“So..were all these guys, the entire bloodline, immortals?” You ask trying to understand.

“Not in the way you’re thinking.” John replied.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not go there yet.” Matt said, putting his palms up. “One thing at a time here. What I’m trying to point out here are the fourteen generations from Abraham to to King David, the fourteen from him to the exile and fourteen from the exile to our King.”

“I thought we were doing one thing at a time.” Luke said, jumping in. “Because if we’re talking about how many generations there were, maybe we shouldn’t be talking about 42, but about 77. I mean of all numbers were talking about seven, double sevens. What number better represents our King?”

“Exactly.” Matt said with a sly look on his face. “Double sevens. Fourteen. Fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from him to exile, fourteen from that to the King. And those three sets of fourteen add to forty-two, which just coincidentally” his sarcasm evident “just happen to be the number of the very first King, King David.”

They both smiled at each other. You were lost. Absolutely lost. What was going on here? You thought they were talking about the King’s bloodline, what was all this talk about numbers? “So the man I met, the King, is legitimate. He can trace his bloodline all the way back to the very first man. How does this make him immortal? If none of those people were immortal, how come he was?”

They all looked at one another first and smiled. “This is where it gets really good.” Luke said quietly.

John finished chewing his food. Placing his fork gently on his plate, he wiped his mouth and took a sip of water before answering. “Because while both of these gentleman are discussing the bloodlines, which prove the validity of Joseph and Mary, our King’s parents thus our King, his father technically was not Joseph.”

What?! What was the point of all this then? The look on your face was obvious as you chewed, lifting your fork in frustration and confusion. Your eyes opened wide as if to say “So, then who is?” You were growing tired of this game.

“Our King’s father wasn’t Joseph, a mortal man. His father was the very first father, the only real father. My father, Matthew’s father, Luke’s father, maybe your father. The father of Adam, the very first man. His father was the father of all life itself.”

“Wait just a minute.” You said without swallowing, trying to swallow what you think they just told you. “Are you trying to tell me, that this guy, this King I met, that his father…” You looked around to see all of them nodding their heads, happy to see you had understood.


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