Go Day

Today is Go Day. Today I launched my first, built from scratch, fundraising event and I anticipate with great hope and eagerness to see the impact it will have, on me and my community. What a year it’s already been. I stand at the cusp of one of the greatest years of transition and transformation in my entire life. A budding new online business that’s getting hundreds of hits/day, invitations to speak regularly on Be An Acorn – both ministry and marketplace – awaiting the go for a local retail shop AND discovering the love of my life with a wedding, hopefully, by the end of the year!

Yet, even still I am in that place where I live day to day where I could easily be worried about how I’m going to pay my bills in the next few weeks. In previous posts I shared the testimony of how I was given a place in Rosemary Beach to live way under market prices and last month when I couldn’t pay my rent… how my very own landlord, instead of threatening me, gave me opportunities to earn money locally. Wow! So not only did my loving Father give me a place to live that would normally be way out of my budget, He gave me that place with that landlord, who also is a believer and one who doesn’t just talk, but walks it. Praise God! Hallelujah! (which literally translates to “praise our Almighty God ferociously”)

Myself and my friends, so very often lately, have gotten to places where we wonder what is going on? We’ve been seeking the Lord, we’ve been in prayer, worship and praise, fellowshipping with other believers, yet there is still this feeling of incomplete. Why aren’t things working out? Why do I feel unsatisfied? What’s missing? Then I heard this message by a local leader in my church and BAM!

It may not answer all questions, but it sure jump-started things for me and radically changed my prayer life. When you feel the tangible presence of God and are completely overwhelmed by his love you will not be able to go back to your old way of faith, your old way of dead prayer again. Go! Go! Go! Today is your Go Day!

P.S. I’ve been a little late with some payments, but I’ve never gone a day without food or shelter (unless fasting) and never been so late on a payment it effected my credit. Go! Walk by faith!


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