Once More Into the Fray

This is when it gets hard.

We have two more nights here in Williamsburg. From a strictly sales perspective, it’s been a bust. No sales, all week. No seemingly open doors. Nothing. I have not gone knocking door to door yet. I might tomorrow. We are nearing Friday, our check-out day and I’m wondering where we are headed, because I do not know. Today is enough. Today is enough to be concerned about. When I’m able to be present, to get in the Word everyday, to pray and seek him everyday, it is enough. When I start to concern myself with tomorrow, the supports begin to tremble and I begin to wonder, which really means I begin to get afraid, which means I begin to forget who God says he is and what he has said to us.

Jesus knew that; “Do not worry about tomorrow…but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.” When I’ve prayed about what to do this is what I hear from the still, quiet voice. However, I still don’t know where we’re going next. We’re going to pray tonight about that. Maybe it’s not important right now, because it’s not yet Friday. What I do know and remind myself is that I do believe that God loves us more than I can comprehend, I do know this is what we are called to and I know we will not give up. I KNOW this is worth fighting for.

I do not want to only share the victorious days, but these as well. I want this to be very real, not only for our friends and family who are keeping up with us in this way, but for our blog readers that only know us virtually through this site. I want to say very honestly that this is not easy, indeed it can be quite difficult, but it seems, at least to us, at least for now, that the battlefield is one mainly of the mind. It is the war between truth and lies and I can see and hear my commanding officer, amidst the battle saying to me “I am the truth! I am the way! Follow me!” His courage becomes my courage and I pray to God, that our courage becomes your courage and together, united, we can march forward the very kingdom of God.


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