Stronger than the Storm

We can see it forming in the distance, the clouds have grown darker, an eerie green hue about them and there, not as far as we would like, we see the clouds begin to swirl, we feel our heart rate increase and the funnel begins to take shape. We look around us, surveying our environment, aware of the coming destruction. You seek a place to hide, a place of refuge, you run to our neighbor’s house…they’ve locked the doors, they won’t let you in. You run to another neighbor’s house, they’ve done the same. You catch one looking between the blinds, the focus jumping back and forth between you and the coming onslaught. Your eyes beg for help. They don’t.

Your heart is breaking, being torn in the same way the empty fields now are. It’s suddenly very quiet and everything seems still, almost frozen. It seems the very world has stopped turning. The pain is real. Its depth is speechless. A trance has enclosed you. You stare, motionless, at nothing. The thoughts in your head are unorganized, almost formless, just the heartache.

Just the heartache.

twisterThe wind picks up and reminds you of the storm that is coming, a twister growing in size and immensity. Slowly, feeling every footstep you walk over to a steel pipe protruding from the ground, rounding over and returning back into it. You sit between the two pipes wrapping your arms and legs around one. The wind picks up speed. You can feel the dirt hitting your face, the sound of the wind across your ears getting louder and louder. You hear boards cracking, breaking off, varying whistles of the air whipping in and out and around everything surrounding you. The tears coming from the edge of your eyes are immediately blown away.

You hold tighter, but the wind is stronger than you. You legs have lost hold and with every ounce of strength you have you struggle to maintain grip around the steel pipe. You are in the very depths of the storm, it has lifted you from the ground and you hang upside down in mid-air, feeling your whole world has turned upside down, praying for the strength not to let go. Your crying comes out in moans and gasps, in between the grunts and screams of hanging on, but you don’t hear any of it, the wind is too loud, it overcomes your very voice. All you hear is the Voice inside, so quiet amidst such chaos. It is almost imperceptible. It is felt, sensed, more than it is heard.

And then it is over.

More tears.

The day is over. You stand in the darkness and look around. Houses that once stood are gone, trees are broken. The moon and stars are the only light and their peace now resides where once chaos reigned. The silence and stillness are sanctuary to you and gazing out across the torn land you see that you are not alone. There alighted in moonlight are a scattered few. You’re not ready to meet them or talk to them, but you will.

He will ground you and be your strength when all else seems in turmoil. We are never alone. Hold on, the dawn is coming.


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