It All Started There

ChattahoocheeI was walking trails near the river within an apartment community here in Atlanta. It’s one of my most favorite places. I was pacing, praying, wondering what was next for us? I wanted to see the fruit of my faith, of such a long and unpredictable journey. I wanted to pray and believe and see. I kept reminding myself of what happened in Rosemary Beach, how foolish it was to think that I could find a rental within my price range in that place. What I needed to pay a month was what they charged for a few days. The market was saturated with vacation rentals thus drastically elevating the cost of living. But on that day I knew what I wanted, I wanted to live there in that fantastic place, and after reading so much about having faith for things prayed for I was going to believe that those things would really happen. If for one day, only one day, I was going to believe to a state of absolute delusion that God would answer my prayer.

He did.

That day was game-changer. Not only did I get offered a place that day, but on that very day I was also offered a promotion that would help me cover new costs. God is an abundant and generous giver.

So, walking those trails a few weeks ago I held onto Rosemary Beach. “God, let it be today. Let today be the day where it starts, when I look back on everything, let today be the very day that I point to and say it all started there.” I walked in circles around and around on those trails, trying to not look like a crazy person talking to themselves. Sometimes I think I need to just buy a bluetooth earpiece so people don’t get weirded out when they see this guy going on and on in the middle of the woods.

Not long after, pondering over my job search – not only not knowing where we were going to live, but also at a loss of how we would pay for everything, anything. Hope Soap sales are good, but not amazing enough to live off and we’re doing our best to reinvest profits instead of eating them – I had the thought pop into my head, seemingly from nowhere, that I should go and ask the property if they were hiring. I did. I shared with them that I didn’t really want to be a leasing agent, but I loved the community, it’s potential and the company. Maybe something that had to do with community events or something?

“Oh that’s the CARES Team, they plan our events.” She tells me where to look online for their job openings. I do. I don’t see anything about CARES Team openings. Then, I get a text from my wife, who knows nothing of the conversation I’ve just had.

“Our friend just told me we need to check out this awesome ministry called CARES Team.”


I hear you loud and clear God. Too coincidental, especially when I don’t believe in coincidences anyway. I look into it. They place couples into apartment communities who are responsible for organizing events and taking care of the residents. Additionally, they also act as micro-church, being their for residents and evangelizing in a very relational, non-door knocking, handing out tracks, heartless kind of way and instead a more real, relational, people don’t care what you know unless they know that you care kind of way, the only way I do it. I’m not selling something, I’m introducing someone. Oh, and the apartment is basically free to us AND we get to do something we’re passionate about; love people. (Like 75% off rent)

We apply. A week goes by. Then we get an interview. Then they tell us how our home church needs to be within 10 miles of our placement. It was 26. We had only just started attending, but we really liked it. Another week goes by. We continue praying about everything and ultimately decide to look at other churches. We returned to Passion City, a place we’re familiar with and have been listening to Louie Giglio way back since the days of 7:22 at Northpoint Church. It’s the church I was attending when I made the sincere decision to follow Jesus. 5 minutes into service and I knew this was our church. After all, who says we can’t attend two places? Yes, we need to be really connected into one, but our, my big thing is that our churches need to be connected to each other anyway, instead of all this division.

We let them know of our change of churches. It changes things. We get an email, they’ve found a community they think we’d fit perfectly in! We keep reading the email… it’s the one we’ve been praying for, the one I was in when it all started! We couldn’t believe it, God gave us exactly what we asked for!

This believing thing works!!! And God is so awesome, so generous, so loving, so abundant.

To top it all off that very same day I had noticed one of the restaurants I wanted to work at had posted a now hiring ad. I went in to fill out an application and turn in my resume. The manager was on the phone. So I waited. He hands me an application and goes away while I fill it out. He returns with two copies of my resume and I see a weird look on his face. (I had sent one in when we first arrived in Atlanta, the place being in my top 5 places I wanted to work.) Turns out, he had been on the phone talking to someone associated with a restaurant group I use to work for, he was talking to this guy about needing to hire someone. He had someone in mind who had previously turned in a resume…me. So the reason I had to wait for him was because he was on the phone talking about ME! Even he said it was “intriguing.”

I’m more apt to use the word “orchestrated.” 🙂

God, you are so awesome. I love the way you work.

Cherry on top of this ridiculously awesome day…I wanted off on the weekends, no Saturdays, no Sundays. Getting this in the restaurant industry is a pretty rare thing, seeing as that is when they are busiest, but somehow it wasn’t a problem, no problem at all.

Thank you Father. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

May this be an encouragement for you all! And know that the story is really even bigger than what we’ve shared. We’ve been praying to start a ministry and have had no idea how it would start in the first place. We still the finances to move out stuff and get situated, actually a somewhat substantial amount. But He didn’t bring us this far for nothing, so I’ll keep fighting, keep believing, keep holding onto to the truth that He loves us so much and He truly does provide. Everything that has happened recently, how it happened, and who we’ve suddenly been connected to in the process…I’m really believing that day a few weeks ago really will be the day I look back to and say “It all started there.” Godspeed guys.


One thought on “It All Started There

  1. Brother!!!!! Praise be to God!! My heart is filled with joy for you both 🙂 hugs to come on your wonderful news! Xoxo eliz

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