From years of study and my own personal journey I have come to the conclusion that it really all comes down to just three primary things:

1. Seek Him – forego the opinions of the world, put the opinions and advice from family and friends and even trusted leaders and mentors in second place, and find a quiet place and seek God for the answers you need.

2. Abide – Remain “connected.” Do not let worry or fear or sin separate you from your connection to the Father, for surely sin may not dwell in the Kingdom of God. In this abiding we are filled with his abundant love and direction.

3. Give – From out of the abundance that was given by our Heavenly Father we then turn right around and give to others. We give time and money and our talents and skills. We give love as he gave love to us to the greatest of our ability.hook movie

It is that simple and that hard. It is so hard. I can’t believe how challenging it is at times. If you can imagine an alternate dimension existing simultaneously with ours…like if I gave you magic glasses, you could suddenly see it. Like that scene out of Hook where Peter Pan’s imagination suddenly kicks in and he can see all the food. The Kingdom of God is like that. We only see it when we believe, not the other way around. (Seeing and then believing) I know, it’s crazy.

Imagine, you find a quiet place and start praying and there before you an ethereal structure starts to form. As you continue to pray to God, as you continue to go after Him for whatever it is you seek, this ghost like vision becomes clearer. It is a large door. The gate into the Kingdom. You let go of your fears, you sense the peace come over you and you enter in. In this place is comfort. There is no fear here. Only love. There are no worries, no condemnation. It does not take long for things to surface that are in you, guilt from decisions and/or actions. Forgiveness sweeps them away. The longer you remain, the more is “cleaned out.” The way you feel is incredible, more free, more loved, more safe than anywhere else, like you’re in the very arms of the Father; loved and protected.

In this absence of fear and worry, in the abundance of love and generosity, you can’t help but want to give to others. So you give as you like, as much as you like. In whatever way you love best, you do that. Maybe it’s artistic, maybe it’s leadership, maybe it’s comforting, maybe it’s laughter and fun, maybe it’s teaching. The way of it all is incredible, amazing, that something that could bring you such joy would also give joy and love to others.

hook peter panYet at any time the danger of submitting exists within us. Fear, worry and doubt stand outside, using every trick in the book to get our attention, to get us to step out for just a second. They want us to come out, they want us to think about their questions, they want us to doubt, they want us to be afraid. If we follow, they’ll take us as far away from those doors as they can. They’ll try to convince us it was all a dream, that the doors don’t even exists.

Yet, we can overcome. We can even expand that Kingdom. We can show others where the secret door is. We can show them how incredible it can all really be. It is not easy, but it is worth it. And the life we are searching for is not an easy one, it is one worth living.


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