Why is Joy so Important?

I don’t know.

I can only share what I’ve experienced. Last week God really brought the message home, reminding me how important it is to abide, thus seek Him daily. That seeking serves me the best when it is at the beginning of my day. It sets the tone for the whole day, sets the direction. Often times it gives me the direction, the Holy Spirit placing a priority on my heart, or bringing a thought to me that sparks my curiosity and ultimately leads me towards some discovery, opportunity and/or revelation. And all of that somehow mysteriously and magically woven together to simultaneously bring me closer to Him.

God cares so much more about the dreamer than he does the dream.

He cares about our dreams, for sure. I believe the seeds of those dreams are quite often from Him. It’s a core belief of mine; that our deepest hopes and dreams are tied to our Heavenly appointed callings. Sometimes we have to dig a little bit into the dream to find the roots, but it’s there. Sometimes it’s dirty and twisted, but He cleans it off, makes the crooked parts straight and it’s good. Some people would have you feel guilty for wanting to be a successful musician (rock star), saying that it’s carnal, earthly, sinful. Granted, the potential for all those things are assuredly there, but they are not absolutes. Ask someone “Why?” enough times when they tell you what their dream is and you’ll discover quite a lot about that person. Why do you want to be a rock star? Why is it important that you entertain people? Why is it important that what you offer brings joy to others? I really do believe that at the core of most of us, our desire is just to love other people, to offer love to other people the best way we can.

What do you do best? What does it feel like when that best thing is given to someone else? I think someone with a beautiful voice, their best thing, is sharing it with anyone, everyone. The beauty of their voice brings joy to someone else. It could bring peace and healing too. All the while, the one giving is as joyful as the one receiving, and maybe even more so. Joy is really important.

I don’t expect life to be all smiles and rainbows, but I do believe that there is potential for a joy that goes beyond our logical understanding. The source of said joy is also the creator of it, and when I can feel joy missing from my life I go in seek of it’s maker. It’s usually in that pursuit that that I discover why the joy is missing in the first place and I find who I was pursuing; the Maker of Joy. And there I find both, and there is the secret:

Don’t just search for joy, search for the one who made it. And you’ll find both.


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